Cadey Markup Language Specifications

This document contains the official specifications for Cadey.

Cadey Syntax

Cadey has a very simple and minimal syntax:
Name Example Explanation
Macro [italic this will be italic] A macro, calls a function with passed arguments
List [: this is a list] A list of tokens
Escaped List [: all [italic tokens] are escaped :] A list, but all inner macros and lists are escaped
Named parameter :keyword value or [:keyword value] Named parameters, valid only in Macro blocks

Official Implementation

Cadey recognizes the following tokens at lexing level. This table is ordered by the precedence of the lexing rules.
Token name Regex Example Explanation
escaped /^\\./i \[ Matches escaped characters
keyowrd /^:[a-z0-9.-]+/i :keyword Matches keywords
colon /^:/ : Matches a single colon character
word /^[^\[\] \n\r\\]+/ word Matches a word (No [ or ] or \ or whitespaces)
bracketLeft /^\\\[/ [ Matches an opening bracket
bracketRight /^\\\]/ ] Matches a closing bracket
newline /^(\\n|\\n\\r)/ Matches a new line or carriage return character
spaces / +/ Matches several space characters
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